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The COVID-19 pandemic poses serious repercussions for the survival of arts organisations worldwide


At this time we are optimistically planning for the 2020 edition of Echoes Festival as normal, but it looks very likely that due to the impact of the pandemic, our usual funding sources fo 2020 will be significantly reduced, if not completely wiped out, and/or social distancing measures will continue to preclude the possibility of holding live events. The next edition of the Festival is set to take place across October-November as usual, but in the continuing climate of uncertainty we are also looking into the possibiity of live-streaming some or all of our events, although this in turn means contemplating increased costs.

If you are in the financial position to do so, please consider helping us secure the future of Echoes Festival  and weather these difficult challenges by sponsoring, or part-sponsoring, an event. You can get in touch with us by phone, email, or simply click on the button on the left to make a donation.