• Authenticity. We regard the cultivation of authenticity as integral to the representation of foreign cultures in an imperatively respectful and sensitive way, and we strive to lead by example in offering discerning musical programming curated by genuine specialists who bring passion and local knowledge to our events. We know the territory: with 20 years' experience promoting Latin classical music through the Iberian & Latin American Music Society, our contact network of native artists, composers and musicologists remains unrivalled in the UK (and across much of the non-Iberican world).

  • Innovation. We advocate for events in the UK which otherwise wouldn't happen without us, because we know that some of the best examples and traditions of our musical culture are rare gems still waiting to be discovered. We shine a light on the more 'underground', hidden currents of cultural production, and seek to empower those artists who are least privileged.

  • Excellence. We understand that the negative reception of Latin classical music is most effectively challenged when represented by artists of the highest calibre, in events underpinned by the highest production values.

  • Inclusivity. We welcome audiences of all backgrounds, and we are open to collaborating proactively with new artists and promoters. We value the power and broader community benefits of leveraging the collective genius.

  • Diversity. We appreciate that there is no one, single way to represent the Iberican world and its incredibly vast and diverse cultural iterations. We dare to be different, we eschew cultural tropes and we challenge preconceptions. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.

  • Solidarity. The great paradox at the heart of Latino culture is the extent of solidarity that exists historically across the Luso-Hispanic world in spite of its rich cultural diversity. Our Festival promotes this spirit of solidarity with the intention of bringing people together and forging long-lasting networks of professionals and music-lovers looking to connect with like-minded people. Teamwork, and our dedicated troupe of volunteers, are fundamental to the production of our activities.

  • Integrity. We respect the intellectual property and professional relationships of artists, venues and promoters.

  • Harmony. We promote happiness, peace and well-being through the arts, and cultural understanding between different peoples and communities.

  • Fun. Latinos are famous for their sense of celebration. Iberican classical music helps us demonstrate that classical music doesn't have to be boring or alienating, even when addressing the most profound of subjects.

  • Passion. We love what we do, and we want our work to energize, engage and inspire others.

  • Blue skies. Blue-sky thinking has been crucial in helping us challenge negative discourses about 'World Classical' music. With the majority of our events attracting either near-capacity or sell-out audiences, we have repeatedly defied cynical expectations about the viability of this music by demonstrating that it can be just as successful in the UK concert hall as more standard repertoire.

Fostering education and nurturing emerging talent

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